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Wanton Words -- Layla Chase

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Heated Negotiations -- Layla Chase

Heated Negotiation, coming soon from The Wild Rose Press

Eight years ago, Pearl Dexter broke her engagement to dark and sexy Ramon Constantino and headed out to conquer the world. Being a location scout for a small film production company is proving to be lonely and leaves little space for a social life. On assignment, Pearl returns to her hometown of Hawksville, Texas to obtain permission to film on her ex-fiancé’s ranch.

One look at the woman he planned to marry tells Ramon that she’s still in his blood. Before he’ll sign away his permission, Ramon demands one night of passion. His intention is to tease and tantalize Pearl with physical sensations, but keep himself aloof. He banished her from his heart once, he can do it again. But does he really want to?

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Wantam Words -- Layla Chase

Wanton Words

Can co-workers with opposing business styles deny a sizzling attraction during a mountain retreat?

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On An Escorts Arm -- Layla Chase

On an Escort’s Arm

All CEO Kimbra needed was a one-time escort but when she hired Dez Renato, she got so much more…

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Blue Colar Boys

Blue Collar: Boys Behaving Badly 
My short story is titled Challenges Met

It’s time to set aside those sexy billionaires and enjoy stories about the everyday,  even sexier bad boys you meet in real life. They may have dirty hands and wear tool belts and jeans instead of Rolex watches, but they’re earthy alpha males unafraid to get down and dirty when face to face with a woman in need—whatever her need may be!

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Ranger in Charge -- Layla Chase

Ranger in Charge

Too strong and determined for their own good, crusader psychologist Caitlyn and ex-Army Ranger Rhys mix like oil and water, until one fateful event turns them into allies. The question remains, will they become more?

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Ranger Loyality Layla Chase

Ranger Loyalty

An intense experience sparked their attraction, but will everyday life send an ex-Ranger dog handler and a traumatized ranch owner on separate paths or deepen their bond?

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The Maiden's Kiss in Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors

The Maiden's Kiss in Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors, from Cleis Press

A Viking warrior tempts fate and his own control when an Icelandic maiden asks to be tutored in the art of kissing.

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Cowboy Heat

Her Captured Cowboy in Cowboy Heat anthology from Cleis Press

Will a lonely woman, ostracized by Colorado townspeople following years spent in Indian captivity, get what she needs from a wandering cowboy?

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Up And Coming

Up And Coming

A chance meeting in a hotel bar…a few sexy dances…and Carina and Rico head upstairs to see where their sexual chemistry leads. But in the light of day…and 200 miles away, will their differences pull them apart?

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Twin Delights

Twin Delights

Michelene Didier’s lust is aroused by Whit Barron, the handsome contractor she’s known only through emails and phone calls. Maybe this month-long stay in Reno will be her chance to kick up the excitement in her social life. But when a twin brother appears she has to ask: Is she ready for a walk on the wild side?


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Hot For The Uniform

Hot For The Uniform

Rikka Brendan accepts a teaching position in small town Arroyo, Texas, hoping the new location will help her fight her attraction to men in uniforms. Her logic? She’ll get to know the guys as people and the fetish will lessen. Enter newly installed Captain Conor Malloy to investigate three rescue calls in less than eight weeks. When the attraction flames from sparks to 3-alarm lust, does Conor have any hope of convincing Rikki they have more than a sexy combustion?

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Available now from Amazon

Hosting her first booth at a national tattoo convention is nerve-racking enough for artist Senna Whitefeather. But then she runs into another Native American—one with a smoking hot and firm body—a man she soon realizes is following her. Appreciation for art takes on a new meaning when a challenge to unveil their tattoos escalates into a passionate encounter in the back of her booth. But will Senna's brazen attitude of going after what she wants backfire?

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Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries
Available now from Decadent Publishing

Widow Trixy Manville is desperate to save her cattle and turns to a neighbor with an offer—her best cow for water rights for her herd. Garth Rutger negotiates for one night of hot, unforgettable sex from the woman he’s wanted for the past decade. A bit of humiliation might assuage his yearning. After her first refusal, he raises the stakes to a ménage including his brother. Will Trixy’s agreement lead her to a pact with the devil, or the sexual exploits she’s been craving?

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Master of Desire--Anthology
Available Jan 09 from Kensington Aphrodisia

"Pirate of Mystique Island" - Myla Jackson. A magnificent man rises from the sea before the siren Melodie and she is enchanted in an instant. Lord Rafe Herrington is naked, his skin a shimmering blue, his muscles outlined by silvery rivulets. She longs to trace the water's path...down, down, down...and caress him tenderly. A deep spell binds him prisoner but a shattering climax can free him...

"Ghostly Legacy" - Layla Chase. Know me. Know my body. Reidun's whispered command arouses a potent response in her Norwegian warlord. He vows to give her the utmost pleasure...until fate parts them forever. Then a modern woman hears his voice as she wanders through an ancient castle - and the warlord lives - and loves - once more...

"Keket's Curse" - Shayla Kersten. Given as a handmaiden to the ancient temple of Goddess Hathor, Jamila's body and beauty mesmerize all men. Cursed by a jealous priestess, she can never be truly satisfied - until centuries later, still young, still beautiful, she is saved by David. His kiss explodes her bonds - and sexual ecstasy is next...


Wild Wild Woman of the West II
Available Now from Kensington Aphrodisia

"Cinnamon and Sparks" by Layla Chase
When Sheriff Kent Wyman saves Oriana Ignacio from a runaway horse, he can barely stop the stampede of his own passion. For once he feels her smooth skin and sweet curves, he’s rock-hard and ready for pure pleasure…

"Once Upon A Legend" by Delilah Devlin
When Prudence Vogel finally meets Jake White Eagle, she discovers he really is the tall, handsome hero of her novel. And his dark sensuality and raw masculinity make her eager to explore every intimate inch of his beautiful body…

"Second Wind" by Myla Jackson
All Seth Turner wants is a woman to marry and bear him children. But just when he’s give up hope, out of the sky drops a luscious beauty, whose naked body arouses his red-hot desire…


Destination Pleasure
Avail in eformat now from The Wild Rose Press

Ever fantasize about going somewhere exotic? Want to make a memory that burns long after the trip is over?

Nine women. Nine countries. Nine erotic adventures. Join them as each embarks on the trip of a lifetime. Sometimes it's the journey. This time it's the destination.

Destination Pleasure Erotic moments in exotic places.




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Naughty in Norway
Destination Pleasure series
Available now from The Wild Rose Press

A job promotion temporarily relocates Texan Dissa Booth to Oslo, Norway where she treats herself to a weekend mountain trip. The athletic moves of her blond, blue-eyed Viking of a ski instructor, Rolf Torger, set her lustful thoughts racing. Dissa cuts loose and lets him know she ’s interested in any moves he might make besides on the slopes. Will one night of sexy naughtiness be enough? Or does a chance exist for more?